For Food and Beverage Innovation Leaders Looking to Achieve Sustained Growth: How to Create Product Concepts that Resonate Twice as Much With Consumers, Every Month, for 1/10th of the Cost.

You Create Great Products. We Make it Simple.

Major Impact, For Major Brands.

An American multinational coffee and doughnut company had designed their first ready-to-drink (RTD) canned coffee beverage to capture some of the growing on-the-go product market, but needed to explore consumer opinions around the product to position it for launch.

Diet Coke's purchase rates were rapidly decreasing, millennial consumers weren't buying the beverage. 

MAT Studios designed a creative investigation combining educational elements with a hybrid of mixology and 'Masterchef'.

Within 2 weeks we went from brief to delivery, producing a contextual study in a stimulating bar environment with a Master Mixologist facilitating the session alongside our own delivery experts. 

Consumers responded well to the environment and democratic method of conversation we use in our creative delivery, which affords the consumer more control over the development process. Using our unique creative framework, we gathered incredible insights and created several concepts that were carried forward for prototyping.

A well-known UK coffee brand had just been acquired by a major drinks manufacturer in the US and they wanted to understand the new market opportunity by analysing the brand's success in the UK.

Within 2 weeks we went from conceptualisation to session delivery. We profiled and recruited participants, designed and facilitated a barista-style, ethnographic study in the US. 

1-week post facilitation we had analysed the data from the session and were ready to reproduce the study in the UK to compare and contrast attitudes and assumptions.

By remaining connected through the entire cycle, we'll ensure efficiency every step of the way and greatly accelerate your delivery timelines, subsequently lowering the cost to market exponentially.

Be more certain about a winning concept by increasing the probability of resonance with your consumers.

Deep-dive into Perspectives, Concept Design, Hypotheses and Insights with Creative ClubTM

Our Support Doesn't End After You Launch a Successful Product, it's Only Just Beginning

Isolate Winning Ideas and Concept Positioning Quickly Using our Filtering + Validation Exercises

$20,000.00/mo – $50,000.00/mo

Partnership not Outsourcing.

No Cancellation Charges.

Complete Pipeline Support and a Dedicated Account Manager.

1/20th the Cost of Traditional Innovation Management for Better Results. 

20% Discount on Additional Services.

14-day Free Trial.

No Siloed Involvement.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Meet Some of our Amazing Team

Q) Why Buy From us? What Makes us so Special?

A) In almost every organisation we noticed that innovation was essential but limited, because it was so difficult people felt discouraged from trying, and because failure was so costly. 

Traditional research is expensive, often-drawn out and over-complicated, but by eliminating waste from the development process, using a unique creative framework and staying connected throughout the innovation lifecycle, MAT Studios can deliver a winning product strategy for a fraction of the time to market and financial investment.

Q) What Happens if I Wait? (The Downside of Not Working With us.

A) Humans are creatures of habit. We’re hardwired to process information and challenges through existing perspectives and assumptions based on our experiences. Without a change in experience, products will always be produced through the same lens, greatly limiting the potential for innovation and ideation and diminishing your potential for a strong ROI on a product launch, as you'll be competing with many other competitors that did exactly the same as you.

Q) What Exactly am I Signing up For? What are the Features and Benefits?

A) If you wanted to get this job done before using traditional innovation agencies you could be paying upwards of $100,000.00 for a single project.

We are only 1/20 of that price for our Essential Subscription, which is packed full of value to begin supporting your development pipeline; and if you’re interested in really generating some value our Premium Innovation Catalyst still comes in at 1/5th of the cost of traditional innovation management and has all features you need to drive meaningful growth, quickly. 

Here’s what you get: 

Consumer Research x1. This will allow you to run a quantitative + qualitative research session with 25 targeted consumers. Providing key insights into your key questions, from preferences to behavior, opinion to rating once a month . This is valued at $22,000.00 a session.

Creative Club x1. Which allows you to run a deep-dive creative and collaborative brainstorming with 10+ creatively-minded consumers. Developing new perspectives, ideas, concepts and recommendations around your questions, challenges or hypotheses. This is valued at $10,000.00 a session.

Audience Research x1. Where you can understand an audience/ consumer group of your choice. Information on attitudes, knowledge, interests, preferences, behaviors and habits, with social listening elements and first-hand comment. This is valued at $8,000.00 a session.

Ideation Workshop x1. Which allows you to create, develop and communicate new ideas in a unique and collaborative creative process. Fully facilitated by us, using a range of creative techniques, driven by insight. This is valued at $4,000.00

Brainstorming Workshop x1. Where you can tackle a problem or challenge with a powerful lateral and abstract thinking approach. Create and collate positive answers to take forward. This is valued at $4,000.00

Filtering/Validation Exercise x1. Which provides super-early stage validation to help decide which ideas to focus on and take forward. Work through the filtering process to turn your wide range into a shortlisted selection. This is valued at $4,000.00

Concept Development x2. Where we work with you to develop an idea up into a concept description to use for presenting and explaining. From outline sketches, to specifications, user journeys and mapping. This is valued at $10,000.00

3D Concept Visualizations x2. We help you turn your ideas and concepts into realistic in-setting visualizations for testing and validation, internally and with consumers, or artistic versions of your rough sketches, showing ideas in a more detailed drawing, to support concept presentation. This is valued at $6,000.00

2D Concept Visualization x1. Where we create an artistic version of your rough sketches, showing ideas in a more detailed drawing, to support concept presentation. This is valued at $1,500.00

Concept Brand Development Studies x2. Which provides you with access to a branding study for your concept. 3 suggested options for branding to inspire your ongoing development. This is valued at $2,500.00.

A Dedicated Account Manager. Which provides you with full project, strategy and delivery support to help you get the most from your Innovation Catalyst™ plan. There is no value associated with this but it’s like having another team member added to your business. 

Pioneers of Tomorrow Membership x1. Where you get access to an exclusive peer community of those pioneering the future of their organizations, brands and the world. This is valued at $49.99.

20% Discount on Additional Services. If there's anything you need over and above your monthly provision. Applicable to any MAT Services, across your entire organization. The value of this is yours to determine. 

Q) Are the Any Long Term Contracts?

A) Absolutely! If you choose to bill annually rather than monthly we'll offer you a discount on the subscription tier you choose. The pricing is as follows:

Essential Plan:                                                        Monthly: $4,999.00                                                     Annual: $3,999.00

Premium Plan:                                                   Monthly: $20,999.00                                                 Annual: $16,799.00                                    

Enterprise Plan:                                                  Monthly: $33,799.00                                               Annual: $26,999.00  

Q) How do I Present This to My Team?

A) Please present us as a partner. This is not outsourcing. We only work with companies that we believe we can create real value for. If we do partner up we'll provide complete transparency across all projects we're involved in and offer you the chance to be as involved in the process you'd like or need to be.

Q) How Does The Innovation Catalyst Free 14-day Trial Work?

A) You get full access to your selected MAT Studios Innovation Catalyst™ subscription level during your free 14-day trial. We will work with you to get you set up and maximizing your plan and you have no obligation to continue beyond your 14-day trial. You won’t be billed until your 14-day trial is complete and we’ll send you an email reminder near the end of your trial to verify that you want to continue. You can cancel or upgrade at any time by going into your “Account Management” and following the simple steps. If you need any help with it, your dedicated Innovation Catalyst is always available to help. Please Note: 14 day free trial applies only to Innovation Catalyst™ subscription plans.

Q) Can I Change Innovation Catalyst Plans?

A) Of course! You can change your plan or order any additional services anytime. To change plan, log into your account dashboard, or speak with your MAT Innovation Catalyst. You can upgrade at any time. You can downgrade at any time too and it will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle (annual or monthly).

Q) Who Are You Guys Anyway?

A) We were founded in June 2014. Our partners have since used our unique creative framework to connect with consumers all around the world. We have worked with some of the most renowned global brands in the world, like Coca-Cola and Microsoft, helping create millions for them with successful product launches. 

We've since decided to focus our expertise away from major corporations, to support up and coming pioneers.

Q) What Results Will I Actually Get From This?

A) During your trial we will seek to deep-dive into your specific situation, areas of interest, opportunities and challenges as well as learn the ins and outs of your current systems and structures and advise on how you can use our expertise to support your internal efforts. 

As you become a partner we will be completely responsive to your needs, offering up our suggestions in addition to helping you capitalise on your monthly usage; we'll also help you develop your own internal innovation capabilities as we work. 

The more time you spend with us, the more benefit we can provide. By better understanding your consumer we'll be able to improve our segmentation and identification of study participants to be included in your research. Being confident in your participants, leads to confidence in the ideas and you can reduce unnecessary time spent on validation, eliminating waste from your development pipeline and making the whole process more efficient. 

The level of investment will decrease as you get successful products to market quicker, increasing your chance for market capitalisation and a strong ROI on development.

Q) What's Included in the Support Service?

A) Your Innovation Catalyst™ plan comes with a dedicated account manager who provides full project, strategy and delivery support, helping you get the most from your allocation. Think of this person as an extension of your own business, a colleague. 

The benefit of having us as a partner is we’re completely reactive to your needs, offering up our available expertise and knowledge to help develop the right program of action for you and your business. You can be as involved in the process as you’d like, we’re transparent with all work so that you can jump in and out as it pleases you. 


Q) What's the Difference Between Annual and Monthly Subscription Pricing for Innovation Catalyst?

A) Annual plans are billed or invoiced as a single payment once per year, at a discount of 20%. Monthly plans are billed every month on the date you signed up. Enterprise-level plans that sign up for an annual payment receive an additional bonus of a high-value Expert Forum organised just for their team.

Q) What Are my Service Limits With Innovation Catalyst? 

A) The exact level of services you receive depends on the Innovation Catalyst™ plan you select. We work with you to maximize your use and ensure that you are on the most appropriate plan for your needs. If you do require additional services, a discount is applied in line with your plan level. Whichever plan you choose, it offers huge reductions on cost compared with standard services.

Andy Swann

Founder/CEO of MAT Studios, Andy founded the company to enable brands to creatively explore "What's Next". Andy has helped launch new products and developed new ways of working for some of the world's most iconic companies.

Sasha Azcuy

Lauren Alliece

Lih-Sia Byam

Atlanta, GA, USA & Bournemouth, UK &

Privacy Policy

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The relaunch of Diet Coke later that year was a massive success, with the new flavours immediately resonating.

By 2018, sales of Diet Coke had overtaken that of Original Coke, with sales hitting £10.9m in the week ending 24 February 2018, ahead of sales of classic Coca-Cola at £10.76m.

Coca-Cola Business Logo

(Source: Marketing Week)


Industry standard for a two group, multi-location qualitative study such as this typically sits around the $100,000.00 mark (we know this from transparent pricing of competitors and official research bodies that constantly update professionals with pricing expectations (e.g. Market Connections and Vernon)) and takes months to deliver. 

MAT Studios was able to turn around the study, from brief to delivery and reporting in just one month and for just $15,000.00 worth of investment – that’s major savings and a much quicker timeframe.


MAT Studios designed a two-part study for exploring the why, how and when of consumer interaction with the product.

The first part included gathering immediate thoughts and feelings from a carefully profiled creative consumer panel put through our unique creative framework.

To follow up, we designed a real-world, contextual ethnographic study that followed consumers for 2-weeks as they interacted with the product in a range of scenarios, building a comprehensive picture of consumption patterns and defining the best way to position for launch.  

By examining the cultural, societal and habitual influences on consumer behaviour, we challenged the client's assumptions for product positioning and were able to uncover insights to support launch that traditional methods had missed.

Sasha joined MAT Studios in 2018 after completing two degrees at SCAD, qualifying in high-end technology. Her expertise in VR/AR/MR, animation, coding and UI/UX helped launch Elevate Labs, the digital/creative hub of MAT Studios.

Before joining MAT Studios in 2019, Lauren completed an M.A in Business Design & Arts Leadership from SCAD Atlanta. Her wealth of experience with traditional project management and growth strategy has enabled her to help refine the MAT Studios brand & launch it into the stratosphere. 

Graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Lih-Sia joined MAT Studios in 2019 as the ATL Studio Director and has since lead the U.S. team to create several disruptive concepts and guide the launch of new products for globally recognised brands.

A) Of course! You can change your plan or order any additional services anytime. To change plan, log into your account dashboard, or speak with your MAT Innovation Catalyst. You can upgrade at any time. You can downgrade at any time too and it will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle (annual or monthly).

Q) Can I Change Innovation Catalyst Plans? 

A) Every offering from MAT Studios is designed to give you the support you need to drive early stage, audience focused R+D Innovation forward whether you are an experienced internal team, or just starting out. Our Innovation Catalysts are your expert guide to support you in getting the best from your plan and optimizing your approach.

Q) How Much R+D/ Innovation Experience Do We Need? 

Q) Is This Outsourcing or Do I Have Control?

A) Your MAT Innovation Catalyst will work with you and for you to ensure you maximize the benefits of your Innovation Catalyst™ plan, or selected projects/ services at all times. We are as hands-on and supportive as you need us to be. Look on us as a partner resource to ensure your unique R+D Innovation needs are met in a highly cost-effective, efficient way.

Q) Is Our Work with MAT Studios Confidential? 

A) Any work you undertake with MAT Studios is guaranteed as entirely confidential and written into your service agreement. We NEVER disclose any of the work we do with any customers either publicly or otherwise and work constantly to ensure that any overlapping or competing customers are handled separately. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your MAT Innovation Catalyst. We are always happy to talk through any specific needs you have.

Q) What if I Need Extra or Different Services? 

A) We’re here to support you in getting the most from your work with MAT Studios. Speak to your Innovation Catalyst any time to discuss discounted add-on services or creating a bespoke plan designed just for your needs.

Q) What is UX?

A) UX is short for User Experience and we refer to it a lot in our work. It’s the cornerstone to audience-focused R+D Innovation and forms the basis of product and service design.  << Offer UX Design Guide

Q) Are There Any Extra/Hidden Costs?

A) None at all! Everything for complete delivery of the services in your subscription plan, service selection or bespoke project is detailed upfront and there are no extra costs unless you decide to add something to your requirement. That includes all research participant, travel, location, resource, production, system and any other costs you can think of. The only cost to you is your Innovation Catalyst™ subscription or standalone Project/ Service cost.

Q) What Payment Methods Do you Accept? 

A) You can sign up for MAT Studios Innovation Subscription using all major credit cards, or if your internal processes need it, we can set up invoicing as a supplier with purchase order and other features.  We can also set up a Direct Debit for you if that simplest. It’s easy and all taken care of when you start your free 14-day trial, or kick off your first project with us.

Completely mapped innovation lifecycle granular detail diagram

Over 95% of Product Launches Fail.* 

We'll Get That Down to 50% Immediately (& Even Lower) as we Begin to Intimately Understand Your Brand and Consumers.

Feel confident that session participants are 95% accurate to your target consumer.

We act as a cohesive ecosystem supporting your new product development at all stages of the pipeline; a partner that streamlines and continually links development back into the bigger picture, without the headache of managing multiple touch-points, inputs and interpretations. 

The diagram below shows how MAT Studios' service offering supports internal expertise and different Business Units at each stage of the NPD and Innovation cycle. 

We will address one available feature from each stage below.

Track Emerging Trends Using a Combination of Market and Competitor Landscape Analysis 

Staying in tune with trends is the backbone of sucessful product development. The key is to identify, analyse and develop opportunities that your consumers actually want to buy.

Develop and Communicate Your New Ideas in a Creative and Collaborative Way With our Ideation Workshop

Here's an extract from Pioneers of Tomorrow, our exclusive peer community of individuals pioneering the future of their organisations, brands and the world. 

Using a range of design-thinking techniques, resources and stimulus  along with our unique creative session framework, we'll identify winning concepts with your consumer base without wasting time through excessive validation.  

Our unique Creative Club sessions validate concepts while exposing questions and consumer challenges surrounding your product. 

This fast tracks validation towards a winning product position, getting you to market much quicker. 

Using Quantitative and Qualitative Consumer Research we'll track consumer response to your product launch, providing a stream of insights for continuous iteration and quality improvement. 

Filtering and Validation exercises can quickly bolster concepts so your team has full confidence they're winners.

Work up an Idea into a Concept Description and Visualisation Quickly With our Concept Development

Quickly build an idea into a robust visual concept with our Concept Development.  

From outline sketches, to specifications, user journey mapping, and 2D/3D visualisations, you won’t need to re-explain or re-brief anyone ever again. 


$3,999.00/mo – $26,999.00/mo

14 Day Risk Free Period (No Strings Attached)

1 x Consumer Research (Worth $22,000)

1 x Audience Research (Worth $8,000)

1x Ideation Workshop (Worth $4,000)

1x Brainstorming Workshop (Worth $4,000)

1x Filtering/Validation Exercise (Worth $4,000)

2x Concept Development (Valued at $10,000)

2x 3D Concept Visualisations (Worth $6,000)

1x 2D Concept Visualisation (Worth $1,500)

2x Concept Brand Development Studies (Worth $2,500)

MATStudios Business Icon
Innovation lifecycle diagram presented by MATStudios.

Our style of research holistically understands consumer response to your product within the context of their daily lives much more effectively than traditional lab based approaches. 

This saves you time and money by reducing the effort it takes to understand the winning components of an emerging concept.

*Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen.

A graphic depiction of a recipe created by participants in a workshop for Coca-Cola. This flavour profile closely matches the developed cherry flavour of Diet Coke's re-release.
Session participants working through workbooks and experimenting with ingredients.
A 3D rendered concept of some of the most popular product designs conceived in a coffee workshop.
A photo taken during a US coffee workshop showing consumers presenting their product concept.
A disposable camera shot taken by a participant of an ethnographic study.
A consumer picture taken on a disposable camera during an ethnographic study.
A picture showing the different influencing factors for consumer behaviour.
A diagram showing the different influencing factors for consumer behaviour.
Rapid innovation process diagram
A screenshot of an animated video describing a new product.
An extract from the storyboard for an animated video.
Red Arrow Icon.
Red Arrow Icon.
Red Arrow Icon.
Red Arrow Icon.
A diagram explaining MATStudios Agile Feeling innovation framework.
A picture taken from a UK consumer workshop.
A 3D rendered concept of some of the most popular product designs conceived in a coffee workshop.
Red Arrow Icon.
Red Arrow Icon.
Red Arrow Icon.

So How Does This All Work?

An image showing the development process and progress for MATStudios concept branding
An image showing the development process and progress for MATStudios concept branding
Consumer research image taken from MAT Studios website.

The Price of Single Research Studies Varies Enormously. Consumer Research Alone can Cost Between $20,000 and $50,000.

*Veron Research Report - 'How Much Does Market Research Cost.'


We Only Work With Partners We Can Create Real Value For. 

If You Are Interested in Exploring a Partnership With us, We're Happy to Connect.

Lih-Sia Byam, Head of MATStudios ATL
Andy Swann, CEO of MATStudios
Sasha Azcuy, Head of Elevate Labs
Lauren Alliece, Director of Sales
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A graph depicting Coca-Cola's sales over the course of 1 year (May 2017 - May 2018). The graphs shows how Diet Coke's sales spiked after the relaunch and continued to climb, overtaking sales of classic Coca-Cola.
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Coca-Cola Business Logo
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Based on these figures, with Diet Coke averaging £10m in sales every week, it’s easy to see how our small cost of $70,000 created ROI in the hundreds if not thousands of percentage increase.


Our solution is designed for food and beverage new product development (NPD) and innovation leaders. You'll know our solution is for you if your products have really resonated with consumers and you’ve been able to scale quickly. 

Maintaining the pace of that success is hard, and you might be becoming frustrated to find your growth slowing down – or you soon will be. If you want to continue your current rate of growth, release impactful flavours, formats and experiences, you’re in the right place.

If you’re tired of agencies who promised to support but only frustrated you with inconsistent results and conflicting interpretations, or constrained internal budgets getting in the way of you realising the potential of an idea, don't worry, we’ll show you how to isolate a winning strategy for a fraction of the traditional cost. 

Who is This for?

Our Core Concept

You can create product concepts that resonate twice as much with consumers, every month, for 1/10th of the cost.  

But, it’s exhausting to keep up with shifting consumer preferences, their perception of your brand, emerging trends, etc., and when companies bring an agency on board their involvement is typically siloed: they’re only concerned with the small part they play and they have lots of other clients they need to keep happy. 

Product development is not a straight line. A winning product goes through several iterations, revisions and reformulations until it becomes a hit product, but these agencies aren’t concerned with that as long as they impress at the right time and collect their paycheck (which by the way, are substantial). Not only will the work these agencies do quickly become outdated, but you’ll pay handsomely for it. 

We are the best people dedicated to solving this problem for Food and Beverage Innovation Leaders who are looking to achieve sustained growth and lose the ridiculous costs. 

A Word from our Founder

We were founded in June 2014. Our partners have since used our creative framework to connect with consumers closer than ever before. We have worked with some of the most renowned global brands in the world, like Coca-Cola and Microsoft, helping create millions for them with successful product launches. 

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Andy Swann, author of The Human Workplace and regular media contributor on the relationship between organizations and people.

I dedicated years to a first-hand understanding of what makes brands connect with people and what inspires teams to innovate. In almost every organization I noticed that innovation was essential but limited, because it was so difficult people felt discouraged from trying. For these organizations, the risk and financial consequence of failure was too high, so I decided to do something about it.

I honed an approach, working around the world with some of the most famous companies on the planet. While creating a positive impact of >$100m for clients, we developed a creative, people-focused approach that offers Innovation as a Service.

Quotation mark
Quotation mark

Creative Consumer Research Outperforms 

Traditional Research Every Time. 

The Old Way

Most companies still funnel huge investment into traditional research techniques, performed in uninspiring settings filled with people that loosely match the target profile. These companies use session plans which guide consumers towards answers that validate what senior management wants to hear, rather than seeking to understand honest and original opinions. 

We want to share some of this impact with you, but please understand we operate with Complete Confidentiality, so there is only so much we can share...

"A Solution for Food and Beverage New Product and Innovation Leaders Who Want to Maintain their Speed of Development and Growth."


Rather than take on any and all work that comes our way, we only work with clients we can create real value for. Being a close knit team we have a limited number of partners we can work with, but if you are interested in exploring a potential partnership with us please feel free to book a call with one of our Innovation Catalyst experts.  

On the call we will dive deep into your specific situation, area of interest, opportunities and goals and will determine whether we're the right fit.

At our essential level you'll receive access to brainstorming and ideation workshops valued at $4,000 each, full concept development valued at $5,000, a 2D concept visualisation valued at $1,500, concept brand development valued at $1,250, access to our exclusive peer community of pioneering organisations and brands valued at $49.99 a month and access to our learning resources, a dedicated account manager and 20% of any additional services you may require.

If you want some serious value, we’ve packed over $79,000 worth of support into our premium subscription, which gives you twice as many concept development, visualisation and brand development options, as well as a consumer research project valued at $22,000, one of signature Creative Club workshops valued at $10,000 and an audience research workshop valued at $8,000.

It’s important to remember that you get this allocation every month, so a year's worth of our premium subscription offers just shy of $1m worth of value, for a fraction of the cost. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, please take our quiz to determine whether we're the right fit for each other.

If you are, we’ll launch you on a 14-day trial of our Innovation Catalyst subscription completely free so you can explore the value of a partnership with us without needing to commit financially.

In the meantime, download our top-line UX design guide that addresses some of the concepts of design thinking that we infuse into our own work. 

Consumer Perceptions of Your Brand and Products.

Don't Take our Word for it Though...

A study conducted into idea generation and assessing consumer co-creation against traditional research techniques, published in the Journal of Service Management (22: 140-159) in 2011, cross-analyzed the benefits of both methods. They found the following: 

  1. Companies can improve the results of a development project by spending more time openly communicating with consumers; 

  2. However, treating consumers as "equal partners" in the process greatly increases the chances of product and market success;  

  3. During this process, it's important to become as immersed in the consumer's context as possible;  

  4. But because consumers usually base their ideas on previous experiences of product/service usage, it's difficult for them to imagine something truly different and radical; 

  5. Despite all of this, consumers know a good idea when they see and use it. 

The New Way

In recent years we've seen the emergence of terms such as 'co-creation' and 'open-innovation' that greatly reduce the complexity of consumer research by providing more control over the development process to the people that probably understand your products best: your users, aka your consumers. 

An Insight From us...

A framework based on democratic co-creation (where both parties, the company and the consumer, are equal in conversation) paired with immersive environments and creative stimulus prompts participants to conceptualize ideas beyond the confines of their traditional experiences with the brand.  

The key difference here is that we aren't going in with the intention of validating the concept. We're having a conversation around the concept to validate the winning components of it.

The Old Way

A lot of companies still waste time conducting consumer research in lab-based environments, with white walls and scientists in lab coats, rather than real-life surroundings where we can frame behaviors within the context of the environment.  

The New Way

Ethnographic research is a qualitative method where we observe and interact with participants in their real-life environment. Unlike traditional research, which asks specific, highly practical questions, this research observes and listens in a non-direct way. 

But, it requires patience and a finely tuned ear to pick up on the insights and you need to be wary of “professional participants”: recruiting agency regulars who, through extensive participation, have been trained on how to answer researchers’ questions.

A picture of a workshop conducted in controlled, lab-based environment.
A picture of a workshop conducted in controlled, lab-based environment.

The Old Result

These sessions are not only costly, but they’re drawn out and over-complicated as it's not immediately clear whether consumers are expressing themselves openly. 

The result is that the company has their expectations (seemingly) validated, but rather than exploring hard truths they neglect them and are then surprised when their product doesn’t translate into a mass market hit.

The New Result

A flexible session guide that addresses the key components of the concept, yet still allows for the natural flow of conversation, saves time in isolating a winning strategy because it unlocks deeper and more meaningful insights as consumers feel more at ease with expressing themselves honestly and openly. 

The Old Result

If an environment isn’t stimulating, how can we expect it to be thought-provoking for consumers? Humans are creatures of habit. We’re hardwired to process information and challenges through existing perspectives and experiences. 

Without a change in experience, consumers will always view your brand through the same lens, greatly limiting the potential for innovation and ideation as well as diminishing your potential for producing something truly disruptive to the market. 

Don't Take our Word for It Though...

Thrive's CEO, Jonathan Dalton, says that to be successful with product innovation you must get to "the beating heart of customer experience", with complete influence analysis you'll discover insights that competitors using traditional methods will find hard to uncover and most likely ignore.

The New Result

This style of research can understand the wider view of your brand through the voice of your consumer (VOC) and holistically within the context of their daily lives much quicker than traditional lab based research, saving you time and money by reducing the time it takes to understand the winning components of your concept.  

Consumers are more relaxed, conversation flows more freely and because they feel like they have more control over the experience, they begin to act in a way that reveals what they really want from the product. Observing all of this without having to become too involved in the session greatly reduces the complexity of the investigation and enables more efficient facilitation

The images on the left and the right are photos taken by us when conducting consumer research in controlled, lab-based environments. We are able to comment on the ineffective nature of such research because we have conducted it.

An Insight From us...

The thing is, while the quantitative data you get from having people tick a few survey boxes or answer directed questions is decent at capturing a snapshot of consumer opinion, ethnographic research provides a real-world understanding of people's preferences, motivations and needs. 

Examining the cultural, societal and habitual influences over consumer behavior challenges hidden assumptions and addresses things traditional research methods often miss – the things that can sink or save a product.  

  • Conduct creative, democratic consumer research over traditional, lab-based, restricted investigations; 

  • Explore the actions of consumers in various stimulating environments to frame behaviours within the context of real-life scenarios; and 

  • Consolidate your innovation activities into a smaller partner pool that can guide delivery at each stage and frame the success of the product within the entire context of the development life cycle. 

If you do, you’ll assess consumer response to your product quickly, be able to pivot and iterate more effectively and produce concepts that resonate with consumers twice as well as your competitors, whilst beating them to market for 1/10th of the cost. 

Now, there are a few ways to achieve this…

So All You Need to Do is:

Please be Advised...

So In Summary...

A diagram showing how MATStudios supports the innovation process from start to finish.
A rocket above earth.
A rocket above earth.

Ethnographic Discovery is Vital to Understanding the

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An Insight From us....

Companies that have achieved this state are usually in a position where they either have the internal setup and infrastructure to manage the innovation process themselves, or they have a single partner who oversees the process from cradle to the grave.  


Your Research Efficiency.

The Old Way

Often companies think they're being thorough with innovation, when in reality they're over-complicating the development process with unnecessary validation steps. Multiple agencies with conflicting insights might be having a say in the development of ideas, thus confusing the view of what will and won't be successful.

The New Way

Please don’t misunderstand us though, we’re not saying don’t be thorough. Instead, with sound profiling, segmentation principles and proper targeting, you can streamline the entire product development process through one agency, greatly accelerating development timelines and significantly lowering costs. Validate products quickly with your consumer base, iterate, improve and hit the market without needing to spread your resources too thin, or overburden your workforce. 

The Old Result

The reason that there is often a lot of waste (time and money) in the product development process is because traditional innovation work is often conducted as specific and siloed events. Sometimes different agencies will work on different parts of the pipeline and present varying and sometimes conflicting views; this leads to a "one step forward, two steps back" scenario.  

The New Result

Discover products that immediately resonate with your consumer base, greatly reduce the speed of development, hit the market before competitors, capture THEIR consumer base, improve your ROI and be confident your products will sell before they hit the market. 

Don't Take our Word for it Though...

Dylan Minor, Paul Brook and Josh Bernoff, three experts in the field of innovation agree that the key variable that makes for successful innovation initiatives can be found in companies with a robust & structured innovation culture. These organizations not only generate more ideas, but better ideas and are more prepared to act upon them. This creates the perfect scenario for rapid and effective iteration, improvement and launch. 

From the left – Dylan Minor (Founder & Chief Strategist of Argos Global/Omega Financial Group and Professor at Anderson School of Management (UCLA)), Paul Brook (Chief Customer Officer at Spigit, the largest provider of ideation management software) and Josh Bernoff (author or coauthor of six business strategy books) – images taken from (in order) (UCLA Anderson School of Management), (Paul's LinkedIn), (Josh's Amazon Author Profile).

Dylan Minor, Founder & Chief Strategist of Argos Global/Omega Financial Group and Professor at Anderson School of Management, UCLA.
Paul Brook, Chief Customer Officer at Spigit, the largest provider of ideation management software.
Josh Bernoff, author or coauthor of six business strategy books
A rocket above earth.

Reduce Waste, Simplify and Streamline

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– Andy Swan, CEO and Founder of MAT Studios.

Option 1

Conduct the research yourself, bringing the process in-house in hope that you’ll have better control over management, and it will reduce costs.

Result: Unless you have the knowledge, internal infrastructure and existing third-party links (suppliers, media/PR partners, creative agencies, etc.) you’ll quickly find yourself overburdened with the workload, greatly extending your delivery timelines as a result and potentially missing market opportunities as competitors get there first.

Price: $100,000.00 (average cost of getting a new product to market)

Time: 6-12 Months

Option 2

Continue investing in different research methods, through multiple-agencies that charge a considerable price to conduct siloed projects, believing it will save you time and free you up to focus on growing your business.

Result: Your delivery timelines will likely be greatly over-extended, even if you don’t realise that they are, as traditional agencies take longer to conduct research – calling it "being thorough". Over-validation wastes time + money and risks you being beaten to market by a competitor, missing the opportunity all together.

The agency will also likely consider you a client, rather than a partner. They’ll only be concerned with generating results relative to their involvement, rather than actively suggesting improvements within the wider context of your brand’s success.

Their results may appear comprehensive, but will quickly become disconnected from the rest of development due to siloed involvement (it takes a minimum of three trials to get a winning product formula). The result could be that what was once on track to become a winning product no longer resonates with your consumers, greatly diminishing your chances of a solid ROI on product launch.

Price: $100,000.00 (average cost of getting a new product to market)

Time: 6 Months

Option 3

Partner with MAT Studios to develop a program of action right for you and your business.

Result: MAT Studios can streamline your product pipeline and support you at every stage of development.

The benefit of having us as a partner is we’re completely reactive to your needs, offering up our available expertise and knowledge to help develop the right program of action for you and your business. Our expertise supports you at each stage of the development lifecycle, fast tracking your product through development and stage gates with much less effort.

Price: $4,000 - $30,000 (depending on subscription)

Time: 1-3 Months

Want to Know What the Innovation Leaders in the Industry are Thinking About? Get Our Report On The Future Of New Product Development In Food And Beverage.