Understand the Audience for Your Offerings

The best people to tell you what they want from your products and services are those who will access them. Build a picture of an audience or consumer group with a unique and valuable audience research approach from MAT Studios. 
Audience Research | Understand Your Consumers

Profile Your Audience to Create Directly for Them

Understand an audience or consumer group of your choice with a broad multi-point audience research profile that takes in everything from demographics to trends, preferences and first-hand input from the group itself.


Multi-point profile including 15 research areas, presented in quick-reference and deep detail formats.


Direct input from the audience/ consumer group themselves. Gain real-world insights in their true voice. 


Understand what drives this group more widely and how to reach them on a level and in spaces that really connect.


Group qualitative and quantitative research to understand preferences around relevant parameters. 


Application of the MAT Studios Predictive Matrix™ to build a picture of likely behaviors against perceptions. 


Ethnographic research for in-field habit understanding that can inform the direction of R+D Innovation.

Social Listening

Snapshot of the wider conversation adjusted for bias to capture key subject conversations. 

Real Voices

Video interviews with real members of the audience/ consumer group. Get to know the people, in their own voices.

Introducing Predictive Matrix™

We’ve worked with major brands to develop a behavioral matrix that helps you understand exactly how your consumers will behave, based on a range of comprehensive criteria. We use it to provide insights in your audience research profile. 


Demographic, Socio-Economic, Cultural/ Geographic, Education/ Understanding, Values/ Beliefs, Contextual, Health, Lifestyle.


Qualitative and quantitative data applied against factors to build a picture of expected behavior. 


Real-world observational data to calibrate prediction and apply weighted influence and interlinking of factors.


Increasing prediction to drive understanding of audience/ consumer behavior in a range of circumstances, built for what you need to know. 

Audience Research | Predictive Matrix

What Can You Discover?

Comprehensively understanding your audience can drive successful product and service development. Share your profiling challenge with us and we’ll share some ideas for you to use as a starting point.  
Or contact us to discuss your Audience Research needs. We’re always ready to help. 

Get the Full Package

Audience Research is just part of a MAT Studios Innovation Catalyst™ package, designed for organizations like yours. Take a look at the impact it could create for your R+D Innovation efforts.