Tackle Challenges With Powerful Lateral and Abstract Approaches

Start with a problem or challenge, assemble your team, add some wildcard perspectives and create dynamic and positive outcomes with a strategic brainstorming session.
Brainstorming | Tackle Challenges With Powerful Lateral and Abstract Approaches

Gain Focus and Connect the Dots with Strategic and Creative Brainstorming

Whether standalone or combined with our ideation approach, a brainstorming exercise with a strategic focus is a powerful tool. From approach roadmaps and systems models to product and service thinking, MAT Studios will take you on a journey to your desired outcomes.

Creative Thinking

Tools, techniques and methods to gain every perspective on a challenge through brainstorming. Explore the issues, combat obstacles and start to connect the dots. 

Abstract Investigations

Approaching questions from alternative and unexpected angles to get positive answers that relate to real-world deliverables. 


Each brainstorming exercise is designed to feed into your wider strategic innovation aims and build a picture of what’s possible, not just collect ideas that stall. 

Designed and Delivered

MAT Studios has experience designing and delivering strategic exercises for some of the world’s biggest brands and most complex organizations. Always successful, always confidential. 

Big Picture Perspective

Taking the context of your organization, audience, the world at large and fitting ideas into that jigsaw is all part of successful brainstorming. Let’s capture it all.

Transparent Pricing

After years of designing and delivering brainstorming and ideation exercises, we have created simple, transparent all-in pricing, making it simple for you to budget and scale.

What Can You Brainstorm?

Brainstorming methods are an essential part of the creative side of R+D Innovation. Share your challenge with us and we’ll share some ideas for you to use as a starting point.  
Or contact us to discuss your Brainstorming needs. We’re always ready to help. 

Get the Full Package

Brainstorming is just part of MAT Studios Innovation Catalyst™, designed for organizations like yours.  Take a look at the impact it could create for your R+D Innovation efforts.