Gain genuine, first hand consumer insight.

We're making 100 of our bespoke Consumer Conversations™ available to organizations and brands. How many do you need?


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Adapt to consumer changes beyond COVID-19 by connecting with them directly. 

Uncover insights to guide strategy, new product/service development and other aims through a direct, facilitated conversation with representative consumers. Each Consumer Conversation™ yields meaningful qualitative research, while sparking new perspectives through authentic connections.


Improve quality with consumer input in R+D/ Innovation.
Meet customer needs through direct connection and understanding.

Prioritize customer experience.

Gain insights that quantitative data or surveys can't provide.


Ask Why and How rather than just what, when or how much.

Capture changing attitudes in real-time through two-way conversation

Validate ideas, hypotheses and more.

Understand how to improve customer retention and loyalty.


Reframe challenges and problems with real-time consumer viewpoints.

Identify and analyze unexpected issues and opportunities.

Enable socialization and buy-in.

Include consumers in ideation and uncover new perspectives.

"This offers a level of engagement we would never usually get, in an interactive, two-way environment. The idea is so simple, but the execution so powerful."

Innovation Director
Global Media Company 

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Don't miss out on your Consumer Conversation™ opportunity. Only 100 are available globally.

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Only 100 Consumer Conversations™ are available globally. Each Consumer Conversations™ exercise is fully inclusive at $13,500.

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In an era that demands efficiency and agility, how much time and money would you save if you could... 

Validate concepts early in the innovation process before unnecessary spending.

Create a better prototype that requires less iterating.

Incorporating design thinking and consumer feedback, proven to bring a median per-project ROI of 229% 

Cut the time for initial design and alignment by 75% 

Consumer Conversations™ are created to deliver all of these benefits. We've redesigned them as a virtual experience to be safe, accessible and effective in a COVID-19 world. 

There are only 100 Consumer Conversations™ available and they can be scheduled immediately. MAT Studios will work with you to refine your audience and session design to meet your needs. You can reserve as many sessions as you need (subject to availability). 

Your investment per Consumer Conversation™ $13,500.  

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Put Simply...

Consumer Conversations™ are bespoke, facilitated conversations with a group of 10-14 real consumers. Each conversation is a 2-hour session and includes full planning, facilitation, data analysis and output reporting. Your team can participate or observe while (if you choose) we keep your company/ brand identity confidential. It's a dynamic opportunity to truly immerse in conversation with your audience, understanding their needs, wants, behaviors and perspectives.

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