Engage Creative Minds in Developing Ideas and New Perspectives

Sow seeds for new concepts and new ideas by accessing Creative Club™. Answer your questions with unique and dynamic thinking.
Creative Club | Co-Created New Perspectives for Innovation

Informal Connection and Brainstorming With an Exclusive Club

A diverse community of creative thinkers with alternative perspectives, come together in targeted brainstorm and exploration sessions to collaborate, co-create and immerse in your challenges. Creating insights and generating ideas, built out into visualized concepts for you to validate further. Come and play!
Creative Club | Collaborating on Launching Your Tomorrow, Today

How Creative Club Works


We run a rigorous pre-qualification process to build a diverse database of creative minds, tailoring it for member organizations’ specific requirements and ensuring abstract and innovative perspectives.


We design an immersive and social Creative Club™ session to explore your problem, challenge, concept or need. From conversation to ideation, it stimulates our creatives to create inspiration for you.


Our database segmentation allows us to build the best creative gathering for your session. 10 participants to bring together diverse and unique perspectives, with the right mix of understanding and wildcard.


Either in-person over pizza and beer, or virtually, MAT Studios facilitates the dynamic session to drive the outputs and capture the conversation. Your team is welcome to observe, interact and gather conversational insights, too.


All outputs and ideas are collated and analyzed by MAT Studios, building on concepts, developing visuals, mapping user journeys and reporting themes, to give you a subject briefing document that informs and inspires.

What Will You Explore?

If you were to bring a challenge to Creative Club™, what would it be? Share it with us and we’ll share some ideas for how the club would tackle it.  
Or Contact Us to discuss how a one-off or annual Creative Club™ engagement plan can enhance your R+D Innovation. We’re always ready to help. 

Get the Full Package

Creative Club is just part of an MAT Studios Innovation Catalyst™ package, designed for organizations like yours.  Take a look at the impact it could create for your R+D Innovation efforts.