Productive, Consistent R+D Innovation Pipelines Drive Future Success.

You’re under pressure to consistently create products that connect with consumers on wildly successful levels, then do it again – even faster and more successfully. 
With MAT Studios you can fuel future success with an ecosystem that drives your early stage R+D Innovation forward, creating insight-driven, consumer-connected pipelines. Your brand will become the most agile and adaptive, always being right where consumers need you, exactly when they do.
FMCG R+D Innovation | Consumer-Focused Success
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Internal Complexity Limits Innovation Performance

Successful FMCG innovation depends on efficient iteration and creative collaboration. Internal procedures, silos and juggling a range of agencies, stakeholders and suppliers holds you back. 

FMCG innovation is about ecosystems, not linear processes.

Disjointed complexity risks over-complicating and restricting the elements of successful R+D Innovation to a point where they’re suffocated, or take too long to succeed. An agile, responsive ecosystem that fuels a consistent pipeline of targeted development keeps consumers and shareholders happy. 

Relying on others delays development and prevents timely progress.

Working with a range of internal stakeholders, partners and external agencies to develop individual ideas means technical bottlenecks and endless meetings, alongside major overheads. You need a faster way to drive early stage innovation and make the case to the business to invest in the best ideas. 

Build Innovation Pipelines That Create More Success, Faster

With MAT Studios, everything from internal collaboration to the right services that create, develop and deliver are taken care of. 
FMCG R+D Innovation | From Idea to Iteration to Market, Fast

Speed up from idea to business case.

It’s simple to drive an agile, adaptive innovation pipeline with MAT Studios, using any of our services or building your ecosystem with a value-added MAT Innovation Catalyst™ subscription. 

Enable collaboration internally and with your target audience.

Insight, idea, validation, iteration. Save time and money with a proven approach adapted for your business that enables you to discover, imagine, create, curate and win.

Understand quickly what works (and what doesn't).

A range of intelligent, developed and insight-fueled tools take the guesswork out of early stage innovation. Easily create consistent pipelines that will launch tomorrow, starting today. 

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