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Frequently Asked Questions

You get full access to your selected MAT Studios Innovation Catalyst™ subscription level during your free 14-day trial. We will work with you to get you set up and maximizing your plan and you have no obligation to continue beyond your 14-day trial. You won’t be billed until your 14-day trial is complete and we’ll send you an email reminder near the end of your trial to verify that you want to continue. You can cancel or upgrade at any time by going into your “Account Management” and following the simple steps. If you need any help with it, your dedicated Innovation Catalyst is always available to help. Please Note: 14 day free trial applies only to Innovation Catalyst™ subscription plans. 

You can sign up for MAT Studios Innovation Subscription using all major credit cards, or if your internal processes need it, we can set up invoicing as a supplier with purchase order and other features.  We can also set up a Direct Debit for you if that simplest. It’s easy and all taken care of when you start your free 14-day trial, or kick off your first project with us. . 

Annual plans are billed or invoiced as a single payment once per year, at a discount of 20%. Monthly plans are billed every month on the date you signed up. Enterprise-level plans that sign up for an annual payment receive an additional bonus of a high-value Expert Forum organized just for their team. 

None at all! Everything for complete delivery of the services in your subscription plan, service selection or bespoke project is detailed upfront and there are no extra costs unless you decide to add something to your requirement. That includes all research participant, travel, location, resource, production, system and any other costs you can think of. The only cost to you is your Innovation Catalyst™ subscription or standalone Project/ Service cost.

The exact level of services you receive depends on the Innovation Catalyst™ plan you select. We work with you to maximize your use and ensure that you are on the most appropriate plan for your needs. If you do require additional services, a discount is applied in line with your plan level. Whichever plan you choose, it offers huge reductions on cost compared with standard services. 

Of course! You can change your plan or order any additional services anytime. To change plan, log into your account dashboard, or speak with your MAT Innovation Catalyst. You can upgrade at any time. You can downgrade at any time too and it will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle (annual or monthly). 

Every offering from MAT Studios is designed to give you the support you need to drive early stage, audience focused R+D Innovation forward whether you are an experienced internal team, or just starting out. Our Innovation Catalysts are your expert guide to support you in getting the best from your plan and optimizing your approach. 

Any work you undertake with MAT Studios is guaranteed as entirely confidential and written into your service agreement. We NEVER disclose any of the work we do with any customers either publicly or otherwise and work constantly to ensure that any overlapping or competing customers are handled separately. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your MAT Innovation Catalyst. We are always happy to talk through any specific needs you have.

Your MAT Innovation Catalyst will work with you and for you to ensure you maximize the benefits of your Innovation Catalyst™ plan, or selected projects/ services at all times. We are as hands-on and supportive as you need us to be. Look on us as a partner resource to ensure your unique R+D Innovation needs are met in a highly cost-effective, efficient way.

We’re here to support you in getting the most from your work with MAT Studios. Speak to your Innovation Catalyst any time to discuss discounted add-on services or creating a bespoke plan designed just for your needs. 

UX is short for User Experience and we refer to it a lot in our work. It’s the cornerstone to audience-focused R+D Innovation and forms the basis of product and service design. We’ll talk you through it, but as a good starting point click here and download our free UX guide. 

Have a different question about Innovation Catalyst™ or the plans and services available? Get in touch with one of our specialists via live chat.