The Creative Science of Having Ideas

If innovation comes from executing on amazing ideas, how do you spark those and identify what a great one looks like? Our expertise will take you on an immersive, focused and enjoyable ideation journey.
Ideation | Spark the Ideas that Catalyze Innovation

Create an Ideation Journey That Leads to The Next Big Thing

MAT Studios develop and deliver ideation sessions and workshops built around subject matter, targets and teams. Always a unique approach and always targeted to the parameters in operation, we’ll help you unleash your creative potential. 

The Right Process

There is a science behind having amazing ideas and we design your ideation process to unleash potential. From program to session flow, stimuli to creative approaches.

The Right Environment

Whether in your corporate offices or in a more creative environment, we’ll ensure that the surroundings contribute to the ideation effort.

The Right Location

Whether a cabin in the woods, a hideaway in Central Bangkok or an offsite venue, our experience secures you the right location for ideation. Let’s enable and catalyze creative strategic thinking.

Immersive and Experiential

Wherever we’re doing it, however long we have, your ideation exercise will be productive and immersive. Getting lost in the possibilities and beyond, then tethering them back to reality is enjoyable and hugely productive.

Unique Every Time

Every ideation exercise is designed specifically for you. Your requirements, aims, business, audience and parameters are unique – your ideation sessions should be designed for that. 

Detailed, Engaging Outputs

Anyone can have an idea, but it’s what you do with it that counts. Ideation isn’t about sticky notes on walls, it’s about creating the seeds for further validation and development.

Fast and Comprehensive

Whether one day or an immersive week,  we take on even the most challenging ideation projects and deliver them anywhere in the world, priding our capability to go from idea to delivery within two weeks. Challenge us!

Fully Managed

Our team takes care of every aspect of ideation project coordination, management and delivery from start to finish. Everything is taken care of, based on conversations with you to make sure we’re aligned at all stages. 

Transparent Pricing

After years of designing the most strategic and varied ideation exercises, we have developed simple, transparent all-in pricing, making it easy for you to budget and scale.

What's Your Big Ideation Idea?

Successful ideation that drives an effective innovation pipeline is a science. Share your ideation challenge with us and we’ll share some ideas for you to use as a starting point.  
Or contact us to discuss your Consumer Research needs. We’re always ready to help. 

Get the Full Package

Ideation is just part of MAT Studios Innovation Catalyst™, designed for organizations like yours. Take a look at the impact it could create for your R+D Innovation efforts.