What is Innovation Catalyst?

A fundamental change in your approach to early stage R+D Innovation, matching your internal expertise with insight, research and creative development, connecting it to consumers and driving a pipeline designed for success. 
In short: It’s your R+D Innovation approach, augmented and enhanced.
Innovation Catalyst™ is Innovation as a Service. It enables you to innovate at speed and scale, with increased certainty of success and a potentially huge reduction in cost and complexity. 

Let's Face It: Innovation Is Hard

That’s a problem. Customer needs, wants and expectations shift as fast as possibilities develop. Effective innovation creates products/ services that land as a result of effective pipelines fine-tuned from insight to idea to iteration. The problem is that many organizations aren’t able to optimize for a number of reasons. 

"It's not a core priority."

Within the next 10 years, 50% of leading organizations will be replaced by more agile, collaborative and inclusive ones¹, yet annual profit still takes precedence over long-term innovation investment. 

These brands are pushing to drive progress, but constrained by traditional corporate models.  

"Budget limits our activity."

Innovation needs interaction between brands, suppliers and customers to achieve adoption ².

With the range of elements required to succeed, it’s hard to keep focus, control costs and create sustained pipelines that go beyond token projects.

"We're unsure where to focus."

84% of execs agree that innovation is important for the future of their business and 80% believe their existing business models are at risk, yet only 6% are satisfied with their innovation performance³.

While these brands are demanding innovation to thrive, they are unable to coherently embed the right approaches to do that.

An Ecosystem to Unleash Your Innovation Potential

Each organization has a structure and a set of skills that guides its approach to R+D Innovation. But in managing every element of the ecosystem required to drive it forward effectively, things become too complex and disconnected to reach full potential.

Imagine if everything you needed was in one place? That’s Innovation Catalyst™

By developing a full ecosystem that connects seamlessly into any existing R+D Innovation approach, together we can unleash future success. With a range of insight, process, creative and consumer-focused elements, this turns innovation as a service into your efficient, effective, Innovation Catalyst.
Audience Research | Understand Your Consumers
Consumer Research | Create and Connect Insights That Drive Innovation
Market Analysis | Competitor Analysis | Understand the Competitive Landscape
Ideation | Spark the Ideas that Catalyze Innovation
Brainstorming | Tackle Challenges With Powerful Lateral and Abstract Approaches
Validation | Progress, Prioritization and Short, Medium and Long-Term Roadmaps
Concept Development | Turn New Ideas Into Fully-Developed Concepts

Innovation Catalyst™ in Action

To catalyze innovation, we need to rethink the way we approach it, creating a continuous and self-improving iterative ecosystem. Innovation Catalyst™ not only brings the tools to enable success, but unlocks design thinking, iteration, experimentation and consumer connection, catalyzing progressive R+D Innovation at every step. It’s efficient, effective, fully-supported and significantly reduces cost per activity.


Research, co-creation and investigation gives you the insight to confidently develop high-potential ideas based on what any given audience really wants.


Have more high-quality ideas that resonate by combining targeted insights with facilitated ideation, co-creation and filtering to fuel your pipeline.


Turn ideas into developed, validated concepts with creative and development actions and data-driven recommendations.


A consistent development pipeline of early stage concepts, connected to insights and validated by target audience, collated and ready to present to your business to recommend further development.
Creative R+D Innovation | Launch Your Tomorrow Today

Adopt an Innovation Catalyst Mindset

Your Innovation Catalyst™ package comes with full support, a range of tools and resources to embed consistent innovation and access to Pioneers of the Future, our exclusive community for innovators.