Changing Audience Demands Require Constant Reinvention

The reality is harsh: 34% of entertainment companies will cease to exist without reinvention¹. Enabling consistent, well-directed audience-driven innovation alongside day-to-day performance pressures is difficult but essential.  
With MAT Studios you can fuel future success and embed insight-driven iterative thinking to create a roadmapped ecosystem for thriving innovation. Connect internal and external expertise, be guided by your audience and create offerings they need, exactly when they need them.
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Enabling Innovation Takes Structure, Leadership and Recognition

Remove the complexity to demonstrate the power of audience-connected innovation pipelines. Develop your ecosystem with the support to seed and spread it across the entire organization.  

Inspire Innovation in Your Organization to Unlock the Benefits of Audience-Focus.

Coordinating innovation and enabling the flow of ideas is a challenge, especially in mature, siloed and disparate businesses. Developing an ecosystem that connects your people with your audience, supports progress and creates insight-driven concepts that make a business case, keeps leadership, audience and shareholders happy. 

Move Quickly and Consistently, Without Losing Sight of the Day-to-Day.

Working with a range of internal stakeholders, partners and external agencies to develop individual ideas means technical bottlenecks and endless meetings, alongside major overheads. In short, it takes to long. To stay relevant, you need a faster way to drive innovation that connects and drives future success in the short, medium and long-term. 

Build Innovation Pipelines That Are Ready for Shifting Audience Demands

With MAT Studios, everything from internal collaboration to the right mix of services that create, develop and deliver are taken care of, in one dependable place. 
Validation | A Framework for R+D Innovation Progress

Speed up from Insight to Business Case.

It’s simple to drive an agile, adaptive innovation pipeline with MAT Studios, using any of our services or building your ecosystem with a value-added MAT Innovation Catalyst™ subscription. 

Enable Collaboration Internally and With Your Target Audience.

Insight, idea, validation, iteration. Save time and money with a proven approach adapted for your business that enables you to discover, imagine, create, curate and win.

Understand Quickly What Works (and what doesn't).

A range of intelligent, developed and insight-fueled tools take the guesswork out of early stage innovation. Easily create consistent pipelines that will launch tomorrow, starting today. 

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